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Spirit Of Uluru

Anyone who travels to Australia will be astonished by nature. Especially landscape around Uluru.

Many people are coming here to find spiritual enlightenment. Yes, this place has very strong energy and special feeling. I am not sure if its red color has something to do with it, or it is something else. In any case, people can experience here different energy, new vibration. I do not think that living here is too ideal. Harsh winters, awfully hot summers. I can not imagine that spiritual wisdom would come to everyone for just being here a few hours. Rock formations in Uluru are creating beautiful structures; it could be very interesting inspirations for lace.

Uluru | Australia

Textures and Colors | Uluru Australia

Red Rocks in the sun | Uluru Australia

They can tell many stories. But I am meeting here, my magical tree. The tree is telling me a story of this place, story of people, of spiritual beings who are interacting with nature. I am taking this tree with me back home. Of course not in my luggage. This tree is in my memories; in my mind, it made a massive imprint in my soul. His song became part of my song.

I could not wait to start to make the first sketches. I wanted to capture a story, the song of this tree; I wanted to capture his spirit, spirit of the place, the mystery of this special tree-soul, the mystery of Uluru.

Beautiful tree | Uluru Australia

First Sketch | Daniela Banatova

Inspiration in nature

I chose a red, pink, and black color of thread. Those colors allow me to create a deep contrast. Same contrast which is in Uluru nature; between harsh winter and very hot summer, is something fragile,

something poetic, something mystical.

I was looking forward to starting to play with the colors. It is interesting how just a few colors can create many different accents of colors by mixing threads.

I love to work with different thicknesses of thread.

This very fine sewing thread gives lace something poetic; it creates a different illusion of different space, of a different dimension.

A lot of people are asking me why I do not just paint; it would be faster. Yes, it would be. I what can be nicer than clicking bobbins. Their clicking is my meditation.

I would like to invite you to my new website, where you can see more of my works.

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