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‘Bobbin & Wire’ The Lace Work of Jane Fullman

Jane Fullman Working at lace pillow | Photo by Marc Fullman

What inspired you to become a bobbin lace artist?

I was inspired to become a lace artist after finding wire lace. I realized there was a world of possibilities using wire, and it was so exciting, and I started designing and making lace jewelry. I really enjoy the technical challenge of making lace with wire and trying to make the best lace I can. I love the excitement at the start of a new project and solving design dilemmas. A lot of my work is inspired by the natural world. I love that with wire you can create something beautiful and three dimensional from something flat.

Jane Fullman Purple Fantastical Flower Pendant. Photo by Marc Fullman

How has bobbin lace changed you as a person?

I learned to make lace when I was 12-years old, so it feels like lace has always been an integral part of my life. Next to my family, lace is my passion. Making lace is so meditative at the end of the day. It gives me real peace of mind.

Jane Fullman Lace Art detailed | Photography Marc Fullman

Is there another bobbin lace artist/person who inspires you in your work?

Many lacemakers and lace artists inspire me. Lenka Suchanek's body of work is truly exceptional - Lenka creates jewelry, art, and sculpture. She is the creator of the online exhibition and challenge lace l heart l art, a fantastic collaborative international event. Lauran Sundin creates stunning and awe-inspiring jewelry with such perfect and precise stitches. Jane Atkinson's lace artwork is amazing. Pierre Fouché lace art mixes grounds that are out of this world. Denise Watts' dolls are beautifully woven stories.

Jane Fullman_Purple Fantastical Flower Pendant | Photo by Marc Fullman

Are you trying to convey a message with your art? If so, what is it?

I love creating beautiful things and making people happy. I want to show what all lacemakers know, that lace is not some forgotten craft. I also want to share how beautiful lace is and how it's possible to make beautiful, contemporary pieces that bring joy to those who wear or see them.

Jane Fullman Collection of moths | Photo by Marc Fullman

What piece of advice would you give to artists new to bobbin lace?

Try as many different types of lace as you can, go on as many workshops as you can, and make as much lace as possible. Ask for help whenever you need it. We have a fantastic lace community with so many talented people who are so supportive.

Jane Fullman Large Lace Teardrop Earrings | Photo by Marc Fullman

What project are you currently working on?

Jane Fullman Rosegold Sippo ground Pendant | Photography by Marc Fullman

I'm currently working on a piece called a lily for Italy, inspired by the current global pandemic, I've created a 3D golden lily. I'm currently designing the background piece inspired by the gold and silver laces in the Basilica Museum in Gandino, Italy.

Jane Fullman Lily for Italy | Photography Marc Fullman

I have a website, where I write/blog about all things lace. I've also recently started a newsletter!

I hang out mainly on Instagram. My Instagram profile is jane.fullman_bobbinandwire

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