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Interview with Bobbin Lace Artists

Jane Fullman Working at lace pillow | Photo by Marc Fullman What inspired you to become a bobbin lace artist? I was inspired to become a lace artist after finding wire lace. I realized there was a world of possibilities using wire, and it was so exciting, and I started designing and making lace jewelry. 
During our interviews, we have introduced you to lacemakers and lace artists from different parts of the world. This time we will stop in Slovakia. Slovakia is a small country, with a rich history, and culture. Of course, lace making was always part of local culture and folklore. For that reason, this is no miracle 
Ivana is one of the leading persons in the Czech modern bobbin lace field. For many years bobbin lace is her life, she is publishing Lace magazine Paličkování. She teaches classes all over the Czech republic. Her works are exhibited in many international bobbin lace symposiums and exhibitions; also, her works have been

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