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Lets get inspired Heike S Muller-Otto German Lace

Interview with Bobbin Lace Wire Artist Heike S. Muller-Otto

The first time in her life, she came in contact with the bobbin lace technique when she was 10. It was after school program, and she learned all basic patterns and stitches. Her teacher was very strict, and she had to learn everything thoroughly. Then time went by, she became a teenager and had different ideas in her life. She abandoned her bobbins for some time.

When she reached age 25, her passion for bobbin lace came back to life. She realized she did not forget anything, and creativity and willingness to make lace got stronger. Heike was playing with the idea of creating lace jewelry with silver. She looked everywhere, but nobody was working on this material. She could not learn this from anyone; she was alone.

Before she started to work with silver, she tried different materials, copper, brass, and stainless steel. But the idea of working with silver was still in her mind. In 2008 she ordered first silver. She found inspiration in the work of Lauran Sundin. Heike's own creation is inspired by nature, not just vegetation but also butterflies and dragons; those in her creations are very poetic. The combination of silver and semiprecious stones have a fantastic outcome. She is using beautiful lines, organic shapes. This could resemble the Art Nuevo style.

I asked Heike to share with us a funny story. Her story is very romantic. You see, you never know what happiness can bobbins bring you. Let's try making lace," In 2010, I had an assignment. I should make a tree in real gold. I had 50 meters. I wound some bobbins ...... and then my spool was almost all. I thought that I was robbed. I did not know where the wire should be... So I went to the police with panic. I filed a complaint against an unknown person. The policeman fell head over heels in love with me... Today we are married. There was no gold missing. It was wound on the bobbins. I had wound up too much." You see, you never know what kind of happiness bobbins can bring to you. Let's try making lace.

Heike is teaching wire bobbin lace classes, if you want to get inspired or admire her work,

Heike also has some of her amazing bobbin lace and wire pieces on her Etsy store.

gosiko gold und silber klöppelkunst objekte

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